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Hacking these threats are real

Unfortuanately today there are more threats down to the PC level than ever. This makes securing data paramount for any business.

information stored on your system including the cloud can be accessed by a third unauthorised party who can onsell the information to a  competitor, thus putting your company at a distint disadvantage.

Windows or Router Firewalls

While these items will provide some level of security it will not stop the dedicated Hacker. There are techniques which can be sourced via the internet enabling Hackers to access your systems.

BayCity uses and recommends WatchGuard and Checkpoint Firewalls. These have proven over time to grately reduce  spam and intrusion into your network.

Ant-Virus software

This is necessary defence  to help prevent data loss or stealing of confidential information.

BayCity recommendsTrend Micro anti-virus software.

This sofware when installed on existing systems has detected and removes Trojans.

Trend Micro can update the signatures hourly and do try to combat zero day viruses.

They can scan your emails externally to stop unwanted spam and viruses entering your network.

How Does this Affect my Network

About ten years ago viruses were written by amateurs, were fairly slow, easily detected and usually came from one source. 

These days they are developed by professional criminals and are much harder to detect and incredibly sneaky.

In the year 2000 there were approximately 10,000 new threats per month.

2015 there are 1 million plus per month or an unbelievable 1000 new threats per hour.

This higher threat will require an holistic approach to securing your network.

We Can Help

At BayCity we can provide a free audit on your network including PC's, Servers, routers and switches. This may help you with decissions that can reduce your running costs of your PC's and networks.