Sales and Support New and Existing Systems

Servers, PC's, Networks, Firewalls, Backups & Anti-Virus


We can supply, install and support servers. Over time we have found them to be reliable and when we take out the extended warranty it make the purchase a better oposition.


We also supply, install and support the hp desktops. These under a similar maintenance, found that we have desktops with 5 years in service and still going strong.

We have access to many manufacuters including HP, Dell IBM plus others.

HP Desktops Pre-Loved

We can supply pre-owned HP deskstops at a greatly reduced price. They come with a 3 month warranty. These are an alternative to purchasing new.


We support all networks and can liase with ISP's to help repair your network issues.


We support all firewalls and can advise of which firewall will suit your business needs.


Data Backup

Some Pepole believe that backups are a waste of time. In business it is critical. You may just get a visus in which you can recover from, but should you be infected from the ransomware virus you may have lost your data forever. We can set up a backup system that will protect your business.