Network Security

Network Setup

Is your cabling up to scratch ?

In many small businesses the office computer network is often a neglected part of the IT system. During our years of troubleshooting IT issues we have found that many problems can be traced back to dodgy wiring and bad connections. Other problems occur from having residential grade routers and faulty switches. Too often we see customers use homemade patch cables draped along walls and poked through ceilings; equipment can be left lying loose sitting on top of filing cabinets or under the desk.

If your business is suffering from mysterious and intermittent drops outs or crashes when using systems such as MYOB or Quickbooks, then poor cabling may be the cause. 

Our recommendations for reliable performance include:

  • Always use manufactured patch cables, never use homemade cables.
  • Always have proper terminating plates at each desk and proper patch panels at the switch end.
  • Avoid draping cables up or along walls.

Gigabit or not to Gigabit ?

Today, upgrading to Gigabit speeds on the local network is one of the simplest and lowest cost methods of improving performance when accessing information on the server.  This technology runs up to 10 times faster than the 100 Mbit/s speeds, which are the common default standard. Most computers these days are equipped with Gigabit adapters. To take advantage of these speeds you will need up-to- date cabling called Category 5e cabling or 6e and switches that support the higher speeds.

What about Wireless ?

We also see numerous problems from Wireless networks. Although wireless networks are great for occasional use for Internet browsing and printing, they are simply not suitable for use when accessing systems such as MYOB or Quickbooks or your application where this is run from the server. Wireless networks are slower than cable networks and are subject to interference from microwave ovens, two way radios and other wireless networks in the area.

What is all that other stuff  ?

If you are running a business then you will need to install professional quality networking equipment.  Many small business use residential grade equipment which will often  fail to perform at the level of throughput required in a business situation.  At Bay City Computers we use and recommend Cisco Small Business Range.