Network Security


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It is important that networks are correctly configured.

If this is not the case then your network may have performance issues or may be compromised.

Some network have a backdoor built in to enable staff to get access should they be locked out.

Although this may sound innocuos  it can give crimals a back door into your network and data.

There are many issues arround security and should not be taken lightly.


Recently many important sites have been compromised including Apple, Sony and DoD USA , Twitter, FaceBook.

You can defend against these attacks by ensuring your network and processes are up to date.

New legistration has been passed by the Australian Government setting out guilines for securing your netwook and equipment.

The safe keeping of your data is critical, especially where children are involved.


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We can help with our security and network audit.

We are able to identify areas in which you may be vunerable and stop threats that can affect your business.