Firewall Security The Need


Protecting against Ransomware.

It is necessary to consider how your data is kept secure.

These simple steps when you are implementing a plan:

Email security requires a number of steps.

  • Do not download any attachment that you have not requested.
  • Just because an email sent to you has a lik attached to it check it is going to where it is designated.
  • Hover your mouse ouver rhe link and ensure that the link is associated with the URL it is stated.
  • Emails sent too you are looking very professional. They will replicate may well kown companies, organisations or Official such as Police, Governments even foreign goverments waiting to give, sorry tske your money via your details supplied.
  • If you get an Email that is suspicious do not click the link or download anything.
  • Search google or ask for assistance by an IT professional before opening it. 


Ant-virus programs that uses more than signature based virus protection. TrendMicro worry-free business services is such.

A good firewall is also a necessity today. The firewalls such as WatchGuard, CheckPoint and Endian have this capabillity and we recommend them.

The firewall will stop access to prohibited sites and limit access during work times. It can also log the sites by employees attend.

USB drives which are unidentified should not be inserted into a PC as this is one of the best methods of spreading a virus. It should be scanned off the network on a seperate PC.

A good backup program which will allow remote backup can minimise the damage by ransomware.


The most important thing to do is backup, backup, and backup your data.