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Are Firewalls Necessary

We have seen a substantial increase in attacks on any connection to the Internet.

These days criminals use robots to attack your network. They run programs on PC's that scan the internet to try and access your network. Once they have found an opening in your network they will exploit it and compromise your data. This can mean data corruption, virus injection, malware, or the Ransomware virus.

Anyone who uses the internet (which is practically everyone) need to feel that they have a secure connection. This is what a firewall can do for you. These days firewalls have what is known as UTM (Unified Threat Management). This is an amalgam of Firewall, Anti-Virus software, Web access and limiting ports to your network.

By having a firewall at your front door of your network it provides security for your network. Providing packet inspection giving you the greatest protection for your network.

This does not suggest that you will no longer need ant-virus software. It provides extra protection and can offer things like sandbagging and deep packet inspection in real time.

Yes a firewall is necessary today. But you do need the right firewall and we can help you with this selection.

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