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WannaCry Ransomware

Well here we are again. The past couple of weeks we have heard about WannaCry Ransomware.

We have now have a tally of businesses and private data being locked down and that you are required to pay a sum of money to release your data. If you try to negotiate they will increase the cost to release your data.

Currently worldwide there has been 350,000 victims'. These are the ones who have notified authorities. There will many more not notifying authorities. Some companies under the law will be required to protect the data against misuse of personal information. There are penalties for not taking appropriate action.

Action points:

1. Ensure you have a between Firewall your data and the internet.

2. Ensure that you have a good anti-virus program and it is up to date. Email washing is also a good practice

3. Ensure that all your Computers and Servers are up to date.

4. Ensure that you take backups regularly at a time frame of what you can afford to lose.

5. Ensure that your backups are off the network as the ransomware virus will attack shared drives.

6. If you receive an email that you do not know the sender be aware it could be ransomware. Police, Government, Law Courts do not email infringements or fines. Do not open them. Check them out before opening them and hover your mouse over the link and see it it aligns with who is sending it.

7. If you find a USB stick, do not just plug in a USB stick to see what is on it. It may have the ransomware virus and you will then get infected. Check with your IT Company or qualified staff to check the USB stick CD or other memory transfer devices.

These are measures you can take to help protect your data. At a glance these action points may seem intrusive but it will go a long way to protect your data.

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