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Nasty Emails

Trevor Moon

The Heading says it all.

Currently there are a number of emails doing the rounds either posting a job application, parcel pick-up, infringement notice etc. These should all be treated as suspicious. Unfortunately the person receiving these emails may click before reading and identifying what the attachment is.

One method that can reduce these actions is to have the operating system ask whether you want to run this application.

I know this can be tedious but it will limit the chance of infection or the spread of the virus either on your PC or the network.

Now let's talk about the Ransomware Virus.

This has now developed (Mutated) to a new level. It has the ability to attack shared folders where Company data is stored. In most cases where a good backup is kept, the data may be recoverable and only a day's Data may be lost depending on the frequency and when the backup is carried out. This data we are refering to may be your accounting system data, company information, strategy or other critical information that may be compiled as a group, individual or by consultants whose data may no longer be available.

This may sound over the top but one of our clients recently found this to be true

The ideal backup scenario is to backup onsite, off-site and possible cloud. This may sound like an over kill but if you were infected it is nice to be able to recover your data.

It is important to have both a firewall, well respected antivirus software, and a good backup strategy to try to limit this attack on your data.


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