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Data Security

Trevor Moon

If your sensitive information was to wind up on the internet what would you do?

The data that you have stored within your network may seem insignificant at this stage to you, but to your opposition it may be highly desirable.

Out in the Internet just about everyone has access to computers and the internet. This means that the bad boys or just students fooling around may gain access to your data publish it or sell it to your competition or something that may seen as just for fun, modify your data.

In the end it doesn't matter what they do but it will affect your business directly and immediately.

Just remember there can be ramifications such as suppliers or customers who do not want to deal with you because their data/information is also compromised. Banks start to worry that your business may go downhill and hence provides a flag in their system.

Security does matter although you may be ambivalent to it, remember there is a lot more at stake when your data is compromised.

At BayCity Computers we can help you too secure your data.

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