Anti-Virus Software


anti-virus software

TrendMicro Anti-Virus

Trend Micro Worry-Free software can help stop attacks from viruses, ransomeware and limit spam in your network. Using smart scan can provide early detection thus stopping the virus before it attacks your network or infects your data.

Trend Micro has won a number of awards and have recently introduced an email scanning engine to detect and remove or quantine ransomware.

How can we Help

We can carry out a security audit and advise on the best way to enhance your security.

You may be suprised on how this information may be of benfit to you and your company.

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BullGuard Anti-Virus

English grown this antivirus software has a proven track record. Not only does has award winning protecting but it will also clean your PC and registry.


MaCaffe Anti-Virus

This is another business grade antivirus software that will help protect your PC's and server. It also has won many awards.