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CyberSecurity, Server & PC Virus Proctection,  Virus Removal, Firewalls - WatchGuard & Checkpoint, plus Data Recovery.

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Our Commitment  Assist you using our knowlege explaining in plain english to allow your business to operate minimising the threats of viruses and spam with the best protection that we can provide at a very reasonable cost. Please call for an appointment or just to discuss.

    Tel:    (03) 9775 4424

Where possible we wll recover your data, but some data cannot be recovered

Ensure Data being backed up is current.


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Tel (03) 9775 4424

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Computers - Servers 

Computers / Servers May seem slow,but they could either have a hardware fault or a vius.

These days the most likely Cause is Virus or Malware

What is a Virus or malware?

These are programs written to cause problems on your computer. they are designed for the express purpose to incovience you, steal your data including the the use of crypto keys to lock your data making you pay a ransome to retrive your data.

Melware can uses cookies to track your data or place a small program on your computer to redirect your web page search web pages with specific adverising or cause other tabs or windows to open thinking that this is where you wanted to go. They either have a virus or corrupt data causing you a number of issues.

We can Remove Viruses & Malware - 03 9775 4424



Latest from our blog

Obtaining your personal information

How they are obtaining your personal information without trying hard.

We are now seeing the increase of jobs being offered to just about everyone via email. These on the surface seem genuine.

Seems genuine. There not. You may receive many of these emails for account managers to invoice processes or just to email people. Most want to pay around $800 per week ranging up to $3200 per month depending on the level of expertise required.

Seems plausible? It's not. Sorry to provide the bad news but these sites want your bank details together with your name and address age etc. giving them all the information they need to access your account details and your money.

The other method is to pose as an account manager of your bank. Asking you to verify your name and date of birth address etc. NEVER GIVE OUT THIS INFORMATION. If you need to talk to your bank phone them back and speak to the department concerned. Look the number up do not use the number provided as they will give you a number that does not relate to the bank.